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October 30th, 2009:

The greatest food invention since the fork [progress]

The last decade has seen great achievements in fast food technology — think the Burger King Frypod and those extra-big cups that get smaller at the bottom so they fit in your cup holder. Those were great, but this just about tops them all. It is so wonderful it made me tear up a little. I am only sad that it was not invented in America.

Serious Eats has a complete write-up.

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Camel Crush cigarettes survive Mayor Bloomberg’s latest tobacco ban

cigaretteNew York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg continued his anti-tobacco campaign today by signing into law a sweeping ban of flavored tobacco products. The New York City ban goes much further than the FDA ban of flavored tobacco announced earlier this year as it applies to both cigars and smokeless tobacco products as well.

The good news is the ban doesn’t apply to menthols, which means Camel Crush cigarettes—one of the great things about America— live on in NYC!

On a side note, I am hugely supportive of Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-smoking crusade. This might seem a little out of character. After all, smoking bans and cigarette taxes curtail freedom and I am staunchly against similar schemes, like the proposed coke tax.

But like most Americans, I have a habit of only sticking by my principles when it benefits me. Fighting against a coke tax might save me money. Standing up for someone’s right to light up in a bar or restaurant, thus forcing me to dry-clean my sweater, most certainly does not.

So I hope that all New York smokers can continue enjoying Camel Crush cigarettes for years into the future—just as long as they don’t run-up my laundry bill in the process.

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