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October 28th, 2009:

Massive NYPD cell-phone crackdown snags over 7,500 drivers

NYPDLast week, the NYPD held their third Cell Phone Crackdown day of the year.

During the one-day crackdown, the boys in blue wrote 7,529 tickets to motorists who dared chat on their cell phone while driving or even glance at their iPod while at a red light. Typically they issue about 540 tickets a day for using a cell phone or electronic gadget while driving.

With fines that run $120 for motorists and $200 for cabbies, the ticketing spree probably brought in between $900k and $1.5 million.

Assuming the average traffic cop can write two tickets an hour when their huffing it, the NYPD devoted some 3,764 man-hours to the crackdown. That is the equivalent of 470 officers spending an entire 8-hour day doing nothing but ticketing chatty drivers.

Things must be going pretty well when the police can devote that kind of man power to stomping out such a fake public threat—that or the NYPD Traffic Division is massively overstaffed. Either way, the Detroit Police Department—where the typical 9-1-1 response time is over 20 minutes—must be envious.

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