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Cell phone crackdown starts tomorrow in NYC [Revenue enhancement]

NYPD in Times SquareIf you’ve got some speeding, drag racing, or other type of anti-social behavior you’ve wanted to engage in on New York City’s roads, tomorrow might be a good day to do it.

Why? Because the NYPD is going to is going to spend most of its energy ticketing drivers who use cell phones.

Gothamist reports the last time the NYPD had a Cell Phone Crackdown day in August, they issued 7,432 tickets. Assuming the average traffic cop writes one ticket every thirty minutes, the NYPD spent some 3,716 man hours trying to stamp out an activity that isn’t really that dangerous. Of course, they also brought in over $1 million in fines.

This raises the question, are cell phone crackdowns more about safety or revenue?

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