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October 20th, 2009:

Should you lose your license because of a parking ticket?

Private Parking MetersReader John emailed to report some alarming news for Michigan motorists.

It seems that Rep. Roy Schmidt of Grand Rapids has introduced legislation that would bar the Secretary of State (Michigan’s DOV) for issuing or renewing licenses to people who have three or more outstanding parking tickets.


I’ve always viewed metered parking as a kind of cat-and-mouse game. When I was a student at the University of Michigan, I almost never had change and consequently rarely fed the meter. Most days, I did not get a ticket. But there were definitely days when the Ann Arbor Police would slap three tickets on my window in a single afternoon.

If left unpaid, that is enough parking tickets to cost you your driver’s license under Rep. Schmidt’s bill.

It strikes me as overkill. After all, isn’t accumulating  and fighting back against unpaid parking tickets uniquely American?

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