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Forget the coke tax, how much money would a salad tax raise?

Money GrabSince backers of the soda tax can’t seem to convince anyone that a cent-per-ounce surcharge is going to solve America’s obesity problem, they’ve decided to switch to new talking points. Now the sushi-and-tofu types who are behind this scheme are painting a soda tax as the cure to just about every state, city and local government’s budget woes.

I guess they figure that promising huge windfalls to cash-strapped legislatures will be enough to get them to enact massively unpopular soda taxes.

But according to the FDA, soda is not even the most dangerous food we consume. That honor goes to leafy greens (salad), which have been responsible for at least one outbreak of serious food-borne illness every 16 days for over a decade.

So maybe we should be talking about how much revenue a salad tax would bring in.

According to the Department of Agriculture, every year the US produces about 34 pounds of leafy greens per-person, almost all of which is consumed domestically.  Multiply that by the population and slap on a 1 cent per-once tax and you find that a salad tax could bring in about $1.7 billion/year.

Maybe we could even spend some of that money washing the salmonella and E. coli off our food.

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Forget the soda tax, it’s time for a salad tax!

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