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Your favorite posts from September

September was a big month for Free Refills & Why I Love America.  I switched hosting, redesigned the site and more people visited and commented than ever before.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to visit.

With that, here are the ten most popular posts from September:

Is it time to ban carpooling? At the beginning of the month the campaign against cell phone-wielding drivers was just heating up. But it turns out that driving with passengers is just as dangerous.

MINUTEMEN UPDATE: Senate considering Coke tax I wrote this post several months ago, but it got a lot of hits this month after the New York Times wrote a story on the efforts to tax soda and coke.

Fighting back against credit card minimums A guide on what to do when a shop keeper tries to break the rules and charge you a minimum purchase amount to use a credit card.

Is a “Coke Tax” a threat to Free Refills? Some of the soda tax proposals floating around would levy taxes on fountain drinks as well as cans and bottles. Would this mean the end of Free Refills?

About There were a lot of new visitors this month and apparently they enjoyed clicking on the about page. This inspired me to re-write it to explain the true story behind Free Refills & Why I Love America.

Deep-fried butter. That is all This is fairly self-explanatory.

What makes Europe Stink €2. Nescafé Instant Coffee The real reason Starbucks developed a new instant coffee is to boost its sales in Europe.

#10. Super Big Gulp Few things are as uniquely America as the Super Big Gulp

Why Europe Sucks €3. Cheek kissing It’s not cultural. Old European men are just pervs.

#17. Five-dollar large pizzas What better evidence that Capitalism works than the $5 large pizza?

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