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General Motors is dead, long live Walmart! [polls]

Walmart Supercenter signThere was a time when General Motors = America. This was true both in terms of corporate might and popular imagination. But those days have long past. Today General Motors is literally owned by America! But I digress.

With GM now lying lifeless on the dust heap of history, what mega corporation best represents America today?

According to a poll released by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair, the answer is Walmart.

48 percent of respondents named the discounter as the institution that best symbolizes America. Google came in second with 15 percent and 13 percent of respondents said Microsoft. There was hardly any love for the National Football League, with only 6 percent of respondents choosing it, just a hair more than the 3 percent who named investment bank Godlman Sachs.

But why wasn’t McDonald’s on the list? After all, its got free refills, clean restrooms, drive-thrus, cheap food and is conveniently located everywhere.

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#2. Drive-Thrus

€1. Pay toilets

Remember when GM had balls?

What do you think?

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