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Don’t worry, Starbucks doesn’t expect you to drink its bad new instant coffee.

Starbucks Via Ready BrewSo the big news today—at least in the Starbucks at the corner—was that the new instant coffee VIA has finally arrived.

Seeing as I don’t have a coffee maker, I decided to pick some up and give it a shot. The verdict: it sucks, just like all instant coffee.

But that is OK because Americans aren’t supposed to like VIA. Starbucks developed this down-market instant brew for Europeans.

Europeans, you see, have a dirty little secret: they love instant coffee. They drink tons of it, and they don’t just drink it at home either. Order a coffee in any café, restaurant or hotel in Europe and you will be served some barely drinkable Nescafe mixture.

Starbucks, which has about 1,200 locations in Europe, evidently thinks that the reason its sales are still sluggish there is because its coffee is too good. Perhaps exploiting the European penchant for watery instant coffee is the way to conquer the market.

I wish them luck. After all, anything is better than Nescafe.

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  1. Instant coffee isn’t just a Europe thing — it’s the only kind of “home-brewed” coffee you can buy in China.

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