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Delivery just because you can [standing up for America]

DSCN1790Delivery is wonderful, wonderful thing. I would never think of disparaging it. In fact, as I’ve written before, delivery is one of the best things about New York City.

Judging by the vast selection of delivery menus that are shoved under my door, my neighbor is also fond of delivery.

But I had no idea how committed he is to delivery until I got home today and saw a massive pile of empty Fresh Direct boxes in the hall.

Most places this would not be noteworthy. Grocery stores are usually a few miles away, and in places like New York where people don’t drive, grocery shopping can be a real hassle. That is not the case for my neighbor, who I happen to know lives very close to a grocery store. In fact, his building might have the best access to groceries of anywhere in the country.

Let’s review.

The map below shows the apartment location (red dot) and the location of all of the grocery stores within ¼ mile (green dots).  As you can see, there is a Trader Joe’s across the street, a Whole Food’s about 300 yards away, a giant, 9-5 Farmer’s Market that operates 4 days-per-week in the park and a Food Emporium grocery store in the building.


If he wants expensive organic food, he’s got it. Slightly cheaper organic food? That’s available too. If he’s into locally produced food, the farmer’s market carries everything, even beef, lamb, goat and seafood. Or if he is just into normal-person things, like Kraft Mac & Cheese, that is available in the building.

Despite these options, my neighbor evidently decided to sit down in front of his computer and order six boxes of groceries delivered. That demonstrates a serious commitment to the American institution of delivery–one that I must admit, I did not think possible.

I salute him.

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  1. Colin says:

    Sometimes, you just don’t want to deal with the wage slaves behind the checkout stand. But then those self-checkout stands are a pain in the ass! Either way, you’ve got a line and it’s nothing to do but stare at the inane tabloids or be induced to purchase some TicTacs on account of their bright orange color and alluring pharmaceutical shape and size. Maybe they will cure something. Maybe this deep hatred of interacting with other people? But they never do! They never do. It’s no wonder Fresh Direct succeeds.

    Just going through the blog now. Suppose these comments are for the Internet Archive. Certainly don’t want to be engaged in conversation! ‘Sides, I’m busy with a Fresh Direct account setup.

    1. nowooski says:

      Hah! Well, I hope you enjoy it!

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