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Link Roundup—“That’s 1228 calories of delicious” edition

kfc-doubledown8The food industry blog takes a close look at the cost of providing free refills in a restaurant. The article has a lot of industry-speak, but the long and short of it is that offering free refills adds about 12 cents to the cost of serving a 20oz soft drink, bringing the total cost to about 32 cents. That means Mc Donald’s is clearing at least 68 cents on each medium coke sold. I’ll take the supersized one, please.

Bryan Caplan at the blog EconLog gives his take on why Americans tend to overrate Europe after traveling there (and why Europeans underrate America). It boils down to the suburbs where most people live. Americans never see European suburbs, which are godforsaken hell holes, and Europeans never see American suburbs, with their ample parking, big cars and Costco outlets.

News of KFC’s new Double Down Sandwich is moving fast—at least faster than you will be moving after you eat the bacon and cheddar sandwich with two deep-fried chicken breasts as the bun. The Vancouver Sun did an analysis and found that the Double Down Sandwich packs a hefty 1228 calorie punch. “[that] compares closely to the fat, salt and calorie totals of three McDonalds Big Macs put together.” Unfortunately you can only get it in Nebraska and Rhode Island as of now.

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