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Being an American means you don’t have to sweat (as much)

Riding the Tube in London Taking the subway in the middle of the summer is never going to be an entirely pleasant experience. For starters, the fact you’re taking the subway means you’ve already had to leave your air-conditioned home or office and ventured out into the summer heat.

But at least in America when you finally get on the subway train you’re greeted with a blast of cold, air-conditioned air.

Turns out that is not the case everywhere, though.

A horrifying map posted on The Map Scroll shows just how stiflingly hot it gets in London’s un-air-conditioned Underground trains.

Thankfully New York’s MTA installed the newfangled A/C technology in all of New York’s 5,800 subway cars when the technology became economical, over four decades ago.

The Brits plan on rolling out the first new air-conditioned trains on selected lines sometime in 2010. No need to rush into things, guys.

God Bless A/C and God Bless America!

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