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#19. KFC's "Double Down Sandwich"

Just when you though eating in America couldn’t get any better, the great food scientists at KFC go and out do themselves once again.

No, it is not some new larger version of #7 the Chicken & Biscuit Bowl, it is something better.

A bacon and cheddar sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken as the bun!

KFC calls it the Double Down Sandwich. said it “is perhaps man’s greatest achievement.” It is certainly one of the great things about America!

I will let the video and pictures speak for themselves.

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Dare I say God Bless America?

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  1. Fog Horn Leghorn says:

    Yah gotta be mindful of the conditions those chickens were livin in.
    I say are you listening boy?
    A real chicken hawk wouldn’t eat those concentration camp victims
    I say boy Now you listen up
    Get out there and get your self some real free range chicken
    Now thats what a real chicken hawk would do

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