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August 20th, 2009:

MINUTEMENT UPDATE: Future finally arrives

Know what sucks? When you’re flipping through a magazine to look at the celebrity pictures and a colorful ad catches your eye—and you’re compelled to read the text to figure out what the ad is selling and how you can buy it.

I know it bums me out.

Thankfully, the great men and women on Madison Avenue have come to the rescue. According to a report in the Financial Times, New York and Los Angeles subscribers of Entertainment Weekly will be spared the need to read print ads from CBS and Pepsi in next month’s issue. Instead, the ads will be displayed as videos on small, ultra-thin screens embedded in the magazine.

Finally, the promise of Back to the Future II has been realized. Now if could finally have those cars that don’t need roads…

God Bless American marketing and innovation!

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