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July 30th, 2009:

Senators aim for national texting ban

Don't be stupidThe privacy of the American motorist to do as he pleases in his own car is under attack again. This time the threat comes from straight from the United States Senate.

The New York Times reports that a group of senators have introduced a bill that would require states to ban texting while driving or face punitive cuts in their highway funding.

Under the measure, states would have two years to outlaw the sending of text and e-mail messages by drivers or lose 25 percent of their highway money each year until the money was depleted.

If this scheme seems familiar, that is because it is. In 1984 the Federal Government used the threat of withholding highway funds to impose a national drinking age of 21 on unwilling state legislatures.

First they used highway funds to take away our right to drink. Now they’re using them to curtail our right to communicate in our own cars. Next they will be banning fatty foods, imposing coke taxes and regulating the consumption of red meat that keeps us Americans big and strong.

Enough is enough!

Call your senator and tell them to keep their noses out of our automobiles.

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