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July 10th, 2009:

Free Refills is moving to the Big Apple

U-Haul w/ Arizona plateThe Midwest is where America can be found at its finest.

The cars and trucks are big, the houses bigger. Every township and country road is lined with drive-thrus and big-box stores. It gets just hot enough to require the liberal use of air conditioning every summer. All-you-can-eat buffets are only slightly less ubiquitous than free refills and never-ending cups of coffee. And no one would waste the energy to walk somewhere when they could just as easily drive.

In short, the Midwest has it all–except for jobs. But that is another story.

After having lived in Michigan my whole life, I’ve decided to see what some other parts our great country have to offer. So next week I will be mothballing my car and moving to Manhattan.

Posting will continue to be light for a week or so, but will pick up dramatically after the move is complete.

Free Refills is also in the process of a redesign.

Check back next week for more.

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