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June 24th, 2009:

Link Roundup—“What would look nice here is a parking lot” edition

Michigan Central StationThere is nothing more frustrating than a vain search for parking—which is why we Americans are always keen to build more parking lots. Sometimes that means we have to knock down beautiful train stations to make way for gravel parking lots. Sure it might seem like a tragedy, but hey, we have cars now, what do we need train stations for anyway?  (

It feels nice to be an American when our team wins at things we are good at, like say war or Olympic men’s swimming. But it feels even better when we kick the world’s ass in things we are horrible at, like soccer.  Today, the USA men’s soccer team beat the number one ranked Spain 2-0 in a huge upset. What makes the victory sweeter is that no one in America even cared enough to watch the game. (NYT)

A St. Paul, Minn. women is suing White Castle after the employees refused to serve her through the drive thru because she was on a mobility scooter, not in a car. In Europe, the bureaucrats would spend years developing regulations on what kinds of vehicles can use a drive thru. In America, we take it straight to the courts. I’m rooting for the plaintiff. (

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