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PATRIOT PROFILE: Gov. Christine Gregoire

One of the things about freedom, is it is always under attack from those who seek to limit choice and undermine the pillars of American Greatness.

 Some try and introduce European-style credit card fees; others try to curtail our right to talk on the phone; while still others try to bar Americans from using free toilets in businesses.

Thankfully, in America we have patriots like Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, who stand up and fight for the things that make America great—like the right to pee for free. has the full story:

Starting July 26th in Washington State, stores with three or more employees working at the same time must allow customers access to an employee restroom so long as it doesn’t pose a security threat. Businesses also have to provide bathroom access to anyone with an inflammatory bowel disease who can present a card or signed statement from a doctor saying they’ve got a condition.    

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One Comment

  1. John Doe says:

    Sounds like a socialist country… True freedom would be for the owner of the restroom to chose who can use it and who can’t… 😉

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