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April 20th, 2009:

MINUTEMEN UPDATE: Drivers’ rights under siege in U.K.

The nanny state that leads the world in speed cameras, surveillance cameras and congestion taxes recently announced another scheme to clamp down on drivers’ rights in the name of “public safety.”

This time, the U.K. Government wants to slash speed limits on primary roads by nearly 20 percent (10 mph). If government officials get their way, the reduced speed limits will only be the beginning. Westminster regulators also plan to institute a regime of random breathalyzer tests as well as clamp down on motorists who—in their judgment—pass to close to bicyclists.

The Times of London has the story:

The speed limit on many A-roads will be reduced to 50mph under plans aimed at cutting the number of road deaths by a third.

Drivers also face limits of 20mph in residential zones, random breath tests and tougher fixed penalties for offences such as passing too close to a cyclist.

The proposals for ten-year safety targets are to be published today. It will be the first time that the Government has set a specific target for cutting road deaths – by at least 1,000 from the current 3,000 a year.

No doubt, the U.K.’s 4.2 million + surveillance and speed cameras will be carrying out much of the new crackdown on drivers.

Thankfully, in America, most states have been siding with freedom and raising speed limits since congress repealed the national 55 mph speed limit in 1995

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