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April 15th, 2009:

MINUTEMEN UPDATE: Free booze refills on the march


The financially strapped Greektown Casino in Detroit is set to become the city’s first casino to offer patrons complementary alcoholic drinks, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Michigan law prohibits business from giving away free alcohol (any readers in a position to address this should take note). However, there is an exception to the rule for hotels, which all three of Detroit’s casinos have added over the past few years.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the  MGM Grand, Motorcity and Greektown casinos were all in negations with the Michigan Gaming Control Board over the possibility of offering free alcohol, as many casinos in Vegas do. But only Greektown has decided to go ahead and offer free drinks to high-rollers and valued club members on a trial basis.

If free alcoholic drinks are anything like free refills, once people get wind of the idea it will quickly become entrenched. Before long all of the casinos will be offering free booze, and with good reason. It is the American thing to do. With any luck, the popularity of free booze will encourage Michigan’s legislature to overturn the ban on it.

The people of Michigan owe Greektown a great debt of gratitude for bringing free booze technology the state.* After all, the only thing more patriotic than spreading the gospel of free refills across the world is spreading the gospel free booze!

God Bless America and God Bless Greektown Casino!

*Apparently some of Michigan’s numerous tribal casinos have offered free booze in the past. But these don’t count as no one wants to drive out into the boonies just for a free beer.

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