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March 27th, 2009:

#7. KFC's Chicken & Biscuit Bowl

KFC                                                  Chicken & Biscuit Bowl

As a friend of mine once said, for the true American, there is no limit to convenience.*

He was right.

Being an American means getting what you want, when you want it, with as little work as possible.

If option A is even slightly more convenient than option B, a true American will opt for option A every single time.

This rule of thumb applies not only to where we shop and to how we work but also to how we eat.

That’s where the great American company Kentucky Fried Chicken – rebranded KFC – comes in.

KFC realized that it would be more convenient if Americans didn’t have to think about where their food was located on the plate, or juggle a fork and knife, while eating.

So what did they do?

In the great tradition of American innovation, they combined popcorn chicken technology with a bowl of mashed potatoes, corn and gravy to create the KFC Chicken & Biscuit Bowl.

Now, Americans need not take their eyes off the TV or road to look at their plate while eating. Because of KFC’s innovations, they can be confident that as long as they keep dipping their spork into the bowl, they will be rewarded with 780 calories of  a delicious mixture of potatoes, chicken, corn, gravy and biscuits.**

God Bless America!

*Translation, he told me yesterday over drinks.

**Some, such as comedian Patton Oswalt, (see below) have criticized the KFC’s Bowls, but a true patriot can see that they are an example of what makes America Great.


Check out KFC’s ad for the Chicken & Biscuit Bowl & comedian Patton Oswald’s take on them.



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