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#2. Drive-Thrus

Starbucks Drive Thru

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It is cold and rainy outside, but you are warm and comfortable inside your car. But now you need to go to get some coffee, or make a deposit at the bank, or pick up some food, or even a few stamps from the post office. What do you do?

If you’re driving around Europe you’re likely out of luck. You’re going to have to find a parking spot (which you probably have to pay for), park your car, walk several blocks to where you need to go – all the while your becoming cold, wet and miserable.

In America,  our day isn’t ruined just because we want a cup of coffee when it is raining. Why? Because we have Drive-Thru technology.

We have Drive-Thru:

  • Fast Food
  • Coffee
  • Banking
  • Car Washes
  • Oil Changes
  • Post Office
  • Beer (usually not for consumption in the car)
  • Weddings
  • Casual Dining restaurants (Outback, Olive Garden, ect.)
  • Pharmacy (UPDATED: From the comments)
  • Flu Shots (UPDATED: From the comments)

Today, the dedicated motorist hardley ever need leave their car at all if doing so would inconvience them.

God Bless America!


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  1. Meg says:

    You overlooked my personal favorite-drive-thru pharmacies – so when you come from the doctor’s office with a fistful of prescriptions, you can wait in the comfort of your mobile castle while they are filled, sip your drive-through latte and avoid passing on germs to everyone in the drug store. My 2009 Ford Fusion has four cup holders in the two passenger front seat…a great feature so that each passenger can have their obligatory water bottle open at the same time that they are sipping their latte. Oh, I also saw signs for drive-thru flew shots this year. Now that’s truly living in the U.S.A!

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  3. […] Going through the drive-thru and then pulling into a parking space to scarf down your Big Mac in the air-conditioned solitude of your own (running) car is the best way to enjoy McDonald’s. In order to encourage this behavior—and discourage you from dirtying their dining rooms and bathrooms—McDonald’s has been a leader in advancing drive-thru technology. They developed better drive-thru windows, fast no-signature-needed credit card machines and multiple order lanes. But despite their best efforts, there are some places where building drive-thru lanes and vast surface parking lots is a bit difficult. Top among these places is Downtown Manhattan, where astronomical land prices and uppity neighborhood associations make building drive-thrus all but impossible. In order to lure folks in to these unfortunate drive-thruless restaurants, McDonald’s has started remodeling them. They’re adding free wi-fi, stylish lighting and trendy new chairs. You can think of the new amenities as a consolation prize. Sure there is no drive-thru, but at least the wi-fi is free. If that is not enough to lure you out of your apartment, then remember: in New York, McDonald’s delivers. […]

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