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March 18th, 2009:

#2. Drive-Thrus

Starbucks Drive Thru

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It is cold and rainy outside, but you are warm and comfortable inside your car. But now you need to go to get some coffee, or make a deposit at the bank, or pick up some food, or even a few stamps from the post office. What do you do?

If you’re driving around Europe you’re likely out of luck. You’re going to have to find a parking spot (which you probably have to pay for), park your car, walk several blocks to where you need to go – all the while your becoming cold, wet and miserable.

In America, ¬†our day isn’t ruined just because we want a cup of coffee when it is raining. Why? Because we have Drive-Thru technology.

We have Drive-Thru:

  • Fast Food
  • Coffee
  • Banking
  • Car Washes
  • Oil Changes
  • Post Office
  • Beer (usually not for consumption in the car)
  • Weddings
  • Casual Dining restaurants (Outback, Olive Garden, ect.)
  • Pharmacy (UPDATED: From the comments)
  • Flu Shots (UPDATED: From the comments)

Today, the dedicated motorist hardley ever need leave their car at all if doing so would inconvience them.

God Bless America!


#1. Ice

Whether your are sitting at a cafe on the banks of the Seine trying to enjoy a drink, or in need of some cold refreshment after a long day of hiking in the Amazon, nothing quite says “you’re not in America anymore” than the lack of ice overseas.

But putting up with room-tempature refreshments is something Americans never need to worry about when we are stateside.

  • We get a full cup of it with our soft drink at McDonalds or the stadium.
  • Its sheer abundance in pitchers of ice water at restaurants causes waiters to spill water when refilling our glass.
  • Our freezers dispense it into glasses without forcing us to go through the trouble of even opening the door.
  • And we even have enough of it to put it in our coffee.

So next time you’re trying in vain to refresh yourself with a glass of lukewarm water overseas, remember in America we have ice in our drinks.

God Bless America!

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